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Terms And Conditions

Making A Purchase - You are never under obligation to purchase anything at the online shop, so feel free to browse the products on sale. If you should decide that you would like to purchase a product, you can do so easily! Before you make a purchase through the show cart (create an account) on our company website, you need to enable cookies. Next please click on any items that you wish to buy and put them into the shopping cart. After you have finished your selection, verify your shopping cart items and click on Checkout and you will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to satisfy the order.The cost of tax in your country, will be the responsibility of our company. It's as simple as that!

Info : If you have difficulty registering online to make a purchase on our company website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to complete your registration on our company website. 

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 Order by PayPal : Fish-United.com

About Payment

1. FISH UNITED Store accept the following payment options:

  • Payment Via PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer (T/T)
    Order by PayPal : Fish-United.com Order by Bank Transfer : Fish-United.com

2. Upon your successful online payment with PayPal and Bank Transfer options,please remember to Confirmation.
3. Kindly note that your order will not be processed without the payment confirmation slip.
4. Your order will be processed on the same day upon successful payment confirmation.
5. If you have questions about FISH UNITED Store payment process, kindly contact our sales consultant at sales@fish-united.com / order@fish-united.com for assistance. 

Currency - We currently accept US Dollar (USD $) and  EURO ()

Info : We only accept the purchase by using the payment through PayPal and Bank Transfer. And your purchase will be processed after you inform your payment to our company, or you can also send your payment receipt by Fax or Email to our company. But if you make a purchase at our company, and within the next 3 days you do not send the information news about your purchase, or you do not send your proof of payment to our company, we will immediately send you the status of your purchase to be canceled.

Purchasing by Bank Transfer generated purchases must be made using a Bank Transfer. For safety and ease we ask all those placing orders via Bank Debit to do so through our safe online website. Please contact us for details.

1. We are willing to refund your money if you do not accept purchase order.
2. Super Fast Delivery. 100% guaranteed to arrive at destination after the buyer give the full address of shipping destination.
3. Shipping is done through delivery of world-renowned namely DHL,UPS,FedEx accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

Shipping : Fish-United.com

4. If the shipment has been received in damaged condition or disability, you can to contact us immediately. So we can refund your money or replace your order with a new one. And about the cost, you do not need to worry. Our company will be responsible, and you will not be charged an additional fee.

- If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know at Customer Service Care FISH UNITED or Please contact us via email cs@fish-united.com , or if you are interested to make a purchase at our company. Please your make purchases through the show cart (create an account) on the website of our company. So that we can immediately prepare your order.

- If you have made ​​a purchase and are not satisfied with our services, please contact us at complain@fish-united.com so we can work better for your satisfaction.